"She's a brilliant artist, it's harder than you think to do men's hair... But she made it look easy... She listened to everything that I wanted and didn't make me feel like a prima donna about wanting everything. She's the best."


Paul Green



Jay Kamal


Loretta Walsh

"Shelly is a doll. As an actor, she immediately put me at ease when I sat in her chair. Not only is she friendly, fun and super collaborative - she is a true artist and does excellent work. I look forward to working with her again soon!"


Mike Magnusson

"Shelley Ford-Baxter is an incredibly talented Hair Artist for film production. Her work on our period piece, circa 1918, was beautiful: even on the many days with over twenty ensemble cast to glamour, she had everyone looking flawless. Cast & Crew alike feed off her genuine energy, it helped carry us through long those long days. Love her!"

"Shelly is an absolute joy to be around. The epitome of hard work and positive vibes."


Angela Ohana

"Shelly Has become an inspiration to me and like a second mom I love being around her and working with her ,she has taught me so much and given me so many amazing opportunities, that I can’t thank her enough for,she has opened a lot of doors for me Whoever works with her is instantly happy and entertained she definitely isn’t boring to be around Her work speaks for itself and she’s amazing at what she does weather she is doing hair makeup or extensions , people feel amazing being worked on by her . I love her very much"


Alexander J Baxter

"She is an artist beyond compare, a creative that others aspire to be like and work for, and a mother many wish was their own. Growing up, I got to watch my mom hustle, chasing her dreams day after day, and pushing me to be my best. Because of her, I am. Her work ethic inspires and pushes many, while always ensuring everyone is cared for. She's a Pitbull, refined in everyway to be the best makeup and hair stylist this industry has ever seen. " 


Johannah Newmarch

"I’ve been an actor on the film industry for 30 years and Shelly Baxter is one of the most talented and capable hair AND make-up artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with by far. Simply put she is extraordinary. Her range of skills is absolutely astonishing - There is literally nothing she can’t do. Not to mention she does it all in record time while being unfailingly delightful, warm, humorous, and collaborative despite the immense pressure and crushing fatigue of life on a film set. She is exemplary both as a professional and as a person. When I grow up I want to be Shelly Baxter."


Brian Johnston

"She created an amazing look for me on Jikirag. I got SO many compliments. Even outside of work, she reached out to her contacts at Furever Freed, and because of that we have a 5th family member, and without her help I’m sure we wouldn’t have. She is a kind and wonderful person, who drove me home from the airport. I’m very lucky to have met her; she helped out my whole family."


Denean Dale

"Shelly is an angel. Just being in her presence gives me peace. She will go to war for the people that she loves and is so incredibly strong. Her laugh is infectious and I am so blessed to have worked with her for months. She deserves everything she have ever wanted and more. I Love her so much!!”


Jay Martens

"I first met Shelly, about 1 year ago, on the set of a music video. One of the first impressions I had of her was... Warmth.  She is the type of person that warms up a cold room with her smile, energy and passion. Her love for her family, work and life in general is readily apparent and it is inspirational. Love for family and life aside, there is something truly inspirational about someone who loves their work."


“Shelly not only brings her immense knowledge and unquestionable talent to her work, but also the warmth of family in every room she is in. I look forward to every day on set with her. “

Ian Collins