From fantasy to make believe, it is the creation of confidence through the simplicity of complex design.


A character is built from its hair. The thick beautiful formed or chaotic structure determines how the audience can perceive them.


Beauty is what is inside, but it's from there that I can build the character and look, supporting the persons story in every way.


Momma B. As a mother of three, a pitbull would closely relate to my person. From my private family, to my film family, I bring my heart everywhere.

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Beginning her career at Mac, Shelly took to a explorative creativity, venturing out into the beauty industry and all its different fields. 

Mom at age 23 widowed at 27 , the story of Shelly Baxter, an entrepreneurial stay at home mom, who wasn't going to let life get her down. She had to work, and she wasn't about to be defined by her circumstances.

Taking to an education at Blanche McDonald, Shelly was able to chase her dream of being a makeup and hair artist, with the help of her loving parents, family and best friend, who watched her sons while she was hustling to make a life for all three of them.

Right off the bat, Shelly began working for well known photographer Lurenda Mastromonaco-Gilder, who gave her the first big break of her career. This went on and branched out into Hair and Makeup in the more casual avenues of the beauty industry, not soon after leading into Actor Headshots, music videos, CD Covers, Bridal Magazines, Editorials, and so much more. Indian weddings became one of Shelly's points of expertise, after booming in the wedding industry, in response to a bridal magazine done with Lurenda. Shelly attributes Lurenda for being the person who truly made her career possible.

While working on different shoots, and projects, Shelly worked part time at Mac cosmetics, eight years on and off while furthering her own independent ventures in the arts. Within this time, Shelly remarried, and had her third son. It didn't take long before she started her home studio, excelling in hair extensions, makeup, hair, and tattooing. 

Through their working together, Lurenda introduced Shelly to Jacquiline Renner, who began Shelly's journey into the realm of Film & Television.

Ever since this, Shelly has taken to the industry by force, working along side countless stars and amazing crews, all the while constantly building her film family. In between each film and TV show, Shelly still finds the time to get involved with music videos, as her love for musicians and their craft will never go away. 

This past year, Shelly worked along side her son, Alexander J. Baxter, on his first feature film, delving into the ever complex world of medieval fantasy fx, makeup & hair. Working alongside her crew (Courtney Yellow-quill, Angela Ohana, Jo Archer, Victoria McNair), Shelly stylized Jikirag in a way that none else could. The love to learn never going away.

With family around her, and her son constantly pushing her to grow further into film, ever reaching to be a better leader, creative and overall artist, Shelly is a true collaborative and storyteller.

It all began in 1998, and the journey is far from over.